Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
Government of Arunachal Pradesh
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The salient feature of SDI (Skill Development Initiative)scheme are

Training is carried out through various registered VTPs (Vocational Training Provider).
It is absolutly free training provided by the Government.
Training Cost at the rate of Rs 30/- ( Rupees Thirty) per hour per candidate is borne by the Government.
Fooding & Lodging expenses at the rate of Rs 300/- ( Rupees Three Hundred ) per day per candidate is borne by the Government.
Actual travelling expenses from home to training centre and from training centre to placement place is reimbursed by the Government subject to upper ceiling of Rs 5000/- ( Rupees five thousand).
100 percent placement assistance is provided to all the trainee.
70 percent job gurantee from among all the trainee in a batch.
NCVT (National Council of Vocational Training) Certificate is given by Director General of Training, Ministry of Skill Development & Enterpreneurship, Govt. of India to succesful trainees who complete the training.